Aussie footballer caught up in terrifying shooting

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It seems that the news of a another tragic shooting in the United States is becoming all too common nowadays. Schools are often the setting for these domestic acts of terror and overnight Delta State University became the latest to join a long list of shootings on campuses in The States.

For Australian, Daniel Deblaere, he was caught up in the middle of it. He was in class at the time when the secretary of the department came in the room and told his professor to barricade the doors. Tsrrified in his classroom which was located in a building only 200 metres away, the understandably frightened  23 year old took to twitter.


Daniel kept in touch with his family back home who were worried sick and his teammates who were barricaded in their classrooms some even in the same building where the shooting was said to have occured.

Text messages were being sent between students that the shooter was trying to get into their classrooms, trying to break down barricaded doors. Deblaere used social media to voice his concern for his teammates – who were in the building at the time – and his relief when they were all safe.

Deblaere is a young footballer who left Sydney originally for Iowa where he first joined the football program at Waldorf College in 2010, before transferring to Delta State University in Mississippi for his Sophmore year.

Back in March of this year, Daniel spoke to Football Central about his time at Delta State University.

“Playing football is all I’ve ever wanted to do and to get a degree with it makes it that much better. The facilities here at my school – Delta State University – are great and the coaching staff is quality. I have one more season here.”

The former St Pius X College student is one of about 4,000 students to attend the college located in the small town of Cleveland, Mississippi. The gunmen had still not been apprehended but was believed to have left the scene when Daniel and his classmates were allowed to leave their classroom and return home.

Police have identified the victim as Prof. Ethan Schmidt, an assistant professor of history, who Daniel had had a class with about two years ago.

This is the Aussie’s last year of college with his final classes in December. After graduation he’s unsure what he will do but for the moment he’s just grateful that he’ll be able to share graduation with his friends and teammates after a horrifying day that will stay with him forever.

*Daniel Deblaere was unable to give any official comments on the incident at the request of the University.

Adam Howard

Adam is one of the founders of Football Central and the creator of  He has followed the career paths of Australian footballers playing in leagues all over the world.  Born in Adelaide and currently residing in Hiroshima, Adam brings a unique perspective to Australian football.  He is an ardent supporter of Australia's domestic competition and national team.

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