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Kearyn Baccus is a young man who has already experienced the highs and lows of chasing the dream of being a professional footballer. From signing with a European club and attracting interest from Serie A to now being back home starting from scratch in the NSWPL.

This is not a retreat but more a regrouping for the ambitious former youth international who was called up by Holger Osieck to a training camp in Duisburg, Germany in 2011.

“I think I speak for all the boys in the New South Wales Premier League when I say this but yeah we’re all looking to play in the A-League,” revealed Baccus.

“It’s just a matter of a club giving us a chance and opportunity of a trial or something along those lines.

“The standard of the New South Wales Premier League is definitely improving every year just like the A-League. There’s definitely numerous players in this league that are capable of playing in the A-League.”

Blacktown City is where it began for Baccus and it is here where the midfielder has chosen as the launching pad to a shot in the A-League.

He joined Perth Glory for a short stint in 2012 looking for some senior football after leaving Le Mans but that didn’t work out as planned. Despite this disappointment, the player insists he has no regrets.

“I spent a couple of months at Perth and found it difficult to settle in due to injury and lack of fitness at the time,” said the Demons midfielder.

“I definitely do not regret anything in life, but if I had a chance to do it again, I think I definitely would have tried to stick it out and spend more of my time over there (in Europe) for sure.”

The transition from life as a professional focusing only on his football in Europe to life back in Australia playing in the second-tier of Australian football was a difficult one initially. However, on the pitch Baccus has been pleased with his own form.

“Setttling back into life and football back home has definitely been a challenge for me over the past year or so,” admitted the 22 year old.

“The hardest thing at the moment would probably be living a double life of working and playing as a semi-pro.

“I’m pretty happy with my form so far – a couple of assists, a couple of goals – but it’s still early days and the season is not over yet.

“This definitely has been one of my better seasons of football without having any injuries and finally being back to full fitness.”

Demons coach, Mark Crittenden, must take a lot of credit for this form with the style of play he encourages from his chargers.

“Critto (Crittenden) emphasises on our team being fast paced, with a hard work ethic throughout,” Baccus explained.

“Our style of play is pretty unique in the league. We’re about one to three teams in the league that try to knock the ball around and keep it on the deck .”

With the World Cup now over for Australia the attention will now shift back locally as A-League clubs prepare for the 2014/15 season and hopefuls around the country look to impress.

The question now is; how many young hopefuls like Kearyn Baccus can take that opportunity when it presents itself?

Adam Howard

Adam is one of the founders of Football Central and the creator of  He has followed the career paths of Australian footballers playing in leagues all over the world.  Born in Adelaide and currently residing in Hiroshima, Adam brings a unique perspective to Australian football.  He is an ardent supporter of Australia's domestic competition and national team.

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