Back to basics for Heart as finals push is fading

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After weeks of a growing momentum Melbourne Heart’s finals push is looking somewhat deflated amidst a defeat to Newcastle Jets.

Reflecting on the loss Heart boss John van’t Schip admits to expecting a loss at some point with the club’s unbelievable string of results, and believes they need to “start over” with Wellington Phoenix on the weekend.

“If you look at the whole season it was a good run we had. Now we need to start over again in preparing,” Van’t Schip said.

“We knew the loss would come, we tried to avoid of course but maybe its good to have (a loss) the pressures a bit less and players can focus on Wellington.”

Van’t Schip believes the side should learn from last weekends defeat stressing Heart must go back to “basics”.

“The lesson is we should go back to the basics,” he said

“The basics are; play possession, a lot movement and try to keep the ball longer. Those things weren’t optimal.”

There’s little room for error from now until season’s end, Van’t Schip put it bluntly as he said if there are any more split ups Hearts finals hope are “done”, and with only six games left it hard to argue with the Dutchman.

“It makes it easy, you just have to go out there and play your game and we know if we make mistakes (finals hopes) almost done,” he said.

Heart want to take it one game at a time and targeting Sunday’s game against Wellington as the starting point.

“The first game counting now is Wellington and that’s the one we have to prepare,” he said.

Coming off a loss Van’t Schip doesn’t see Heart as favourites despite their 5-0 thrashing away at Wellington. And with returnees to the squad the interim boss is wary of the challenge ahead of his side on the weekend.

“It’s going to be a different game, we’re coming from a loss they’re coming off a draw,” he said.

“I think their confidence has grown as well, after the game they played against us.

“(Wellington) almost with their strongest line-up as well. Cunningham, Hernandez both were a little bit in doubt but are playing.”

The Melbourne Heart squad list won’t have any wholesale changes in the wake of the clubs defeat to Newcastle.

“I don’t think we’re going to make that much changes, if you lose one time doesn’t mean we need to throw over a lot of players,” he said.

Ahmed Yussuf

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