Centurion Broich alerted by boisterous Brisbane

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Impending 100-gamer Thomas Broich has warned his Brisbane Roar teammates against an overly-relaxed atmosphere as they prepare to host Newcastle Jets on Sunday.

The German whiz will notch up the century milestone with his side flying at the top of the table, but he was not entirely content with the jovial mood at training on Friday.

“If we play like that on Sunday we’re going to lose I’m telling you that,” Broich said.

“It’s great to come here and spend a good couple of hours with the boys but at the same time we really need to switch on.”

His coach Mike Mulvey, however, refrained from echoing the marquee player’s sentiments.

“You need a happy workplace. When you have a happy workplace you produce good results,” Mulvey said.

“I’ve said all along it’s an entertainment business and I think it’s really important we have that mentality that we want to enjoy what we’re doing.

“How do you enjoy what you’re doing? You win, and you do it with style. Complacency is not an issue.”

Brisbane have twice lost to the now-ninth Jets this season though Broich doesn’t believe the fixture poses any greater threat.

“I don’t find it difficult, it’s just happened that we’ve lost twice but I don’t see why it’s especially dangerous,” he said.

“People have a tendency once you lose twice to make a pattern out of it. If we keep losing three more times against them then they might be a bogey team.”

In typical fashion the former Johnny Warren Medallist also played down his individual achievement, but did express his passion for the club and city.

“I was kind of surprised myself that I would actually love it so much here,” the attacker said.

“I thought about staying maybe two years, three years so it wasn’t my plan initially to stay this long.

“As we all know I’m locked in for another three years.”

So often lauded for his exceptional playmaking abilities, Brisbane boss Mulvey made a point of highlighting Broich’s team ethic.

“I don’t think I really need to say anything about what he does in a creative capacity for the team because that’s well documented,” he said.

“What I will say is along with that goes the hard work off the ball and if there’s one thing I can say about Thomas it’s that he’s a team player.

“If you have got a focussed Thomas Broich and a good team around him then anything is possible.”

Another vital cog for the league-leaders is set to return soon with the Roar coach suggesting Matt McKay is nearing full fitness and not yet ruled out for Sunday.

“Matty is a chance, but I’ll probably err on the side of caution,” Mulvey said.

“Matty is important to us because he brings a bit of an aura to us as well, so when there is a chance I’m never going to rule a player out like that.

“But he will definitely be right next week.”

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