Coaches split on Roar form

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Brisbane Roar coach Mike Mulvey believes his side earned their return to winning ways in Friday night’s 3-1 defeat of Perth Glory at Suncorp Stadium.

The league-leaders wiped away a tense first half against the lowly Glory to run away with the match after the break, snapping a two-game losing streak.

“We played ourselves into form,” Mulvey said.

“Some of our interplay was excellent I thought. [I’m] very pleased with the win.”

The Brisbane boss’ sentiments were not shared by his counterpart, however, as Perth coach Kenny Lowe watched his side concede a pair of preventable goals.

“I don’t think they were back to form, I think we helped them back to form,” Lowe said.

“If I pop an invoice into Mike he might pay me out.”

Lowe, a former Stoke City and Birmingham midfielder, saw his side cough up over 65 per cent of possession as they spiralled to a fifth loss in six games, but didn’t find too many warnings in a scoreless opening 45 minutes.

“I thought they [Brisbane] were a bit toothless in the first half,” he said.

“They played in front of us, didn’t really play through us, to a certain extent. But once they got the ascendency I guess they were good value for the win.

“It’s a results-driven game but sometimes it’s impossible to get results.”

Mulvey referenced Roar’s consecutive losses in explaining his team’s sluggish start, which handed the visitors two early chances through Brazilian winger Sidnei.

“We were jittery early on and I think that was a carry on from the expectations and last week,” he said.

“What I was pleased about more than anything was the players stood up.

“It was one of those days where you needed the first goal. I thought you could see that goal lifted the crowd, galvanised the crowd and I think that’s very important for us.”

The hosts’ monopoly on possession assisted them in driving home their first win in four matches as goals from Ivan Franjic, Liam Miller and Thomas Broich sealed the result after the break.

“They [Perth] had to do an awful lot of work without the ball. It’s quite sapping and I think that told in the second half,” Mulvey said.

“A metre counts. You give some like Thomas … a metre, or three metres, then he can really hurt you.

“If teams come here and they do sit deep and we don’t get an early goal we’ve got to have that patience, but we’ve got to have that ability to keep probing.”

Mulvey said the extended turnaround to next Sunday’s hosting of a red-hot Adelaide United will mean key players Matt McKay and Franjic will be available following Socceroos duty in London.

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