Beginner’s Guide: Coaching Soccer Cheat Sheet

Soccer is definitely one of the most popular sports across the world. This is seen from excitement created by most soccer leagues across the world and the popular FIFA World Cup. If your job is coaching soccer, that is an exciting thing because players already what they are dealing with. Therefore, it should be fun. 

For proper and professional coaching, there are several things you need to do right for your students to better players. For starters, you should start by making them get familiar with the soccer field. Then the other steps follow as they progress with the training. In this soccer cheat sheet, we have put together some of the best soccer coaching tips every coach should equip themselves with: 

Soccer Field of Play 

The first thing a soccer coach should do is making the players understand the soccer field of play. This is a very important lesson for beginners. Your players need to understand the field, how it is partitioned, and all other features that crucial for better soccer playing. This includes the various critical points on the pitch, such as penalty, corner, and other spots. 

The other thing that you need to teach your players is about the players positioning on the pitch. They should know why players are positioned in various sections of the field. This is a very important part of player’s football life. Most of the players work hard to secure their admired positions from a young age. For those who would like to be strikers, this is where the buildup starts. 

Soccer Rules 

The second thing after introducing players to a soccer field of play is the soccer rules. This is a very important part because it instills discipline in players and also improves their sportsmanship. The rules and regulation introduction should be made as simple as possible, but depending on the age of kids, you are coaching. They should when they will be punished, why and what the punishment should be about. 

In addition to rules, you must let the players know the importance of teamwork. They should know that soccer is a game that relies on all players to win. Therefore, teamwork should be central in shaping the mindset of your players and should be instilled from a very young age. 

Supporting Players 

Coach supporting his team all the way

As a soccer coach, you play a critical role in shaping players’ football careers. Your players will be counting on you for support and guidance during the season. There are several ways you can help them get through the season successfully. First, you need to be very specific with your praises to players. Let them know where they are doing it right. This will boost morale and help them boost on strong points. 

As a coach, it is good to stop practice to point out when a player does something well. This will greatly boost the morale to continue playing even better. Avoid stopping practice when a player makes a mistake, as this would probably demoralize them. Do not make direct criticism but “sandwich” it between a couple of encouraging comments. It is a powerful communication technique that will help correct the player with making them feel hurt. 

Make sure that players giving their best and displaying good sportsmanship are praised. This will make other players aspire to do better, hence improving the entire team. Although soccer is about winning and losses, a loss is always a big blow to players. As a coach, you need to prepare team psychologically by focusing on the fun and safety side. In addition to that, let them know that mistakes are part of the learning process. These are things a good soccer coach should do to support players’ growth. 

Soccer Pregame Talks 

The pregame talk is very crucial when coaching soccer. Considering that kids come from a different home, you need to bring them to a common course as a team. That is why a pregame talk is a crucial tool for good coaching. The talk should target the mind of the players by bringing their minds into the pitch 100%. The talk should also motivate your players to give their best during practice or the game. 

When giving players a pregame talk, you should speak calmly and in a relaxed manner. Make the players feel comfortable being with you. The talk should be brief and straight and away from distractions. During this time, stress on the importance of having fun to help players get rid of the pressure to perform. Avoid anything that would make the kids feel like they must win because they have very little control of the game. 

Best Pregame Routine 

A pregame routine is crucial for setting up the mood of the day and the practice session. Several things make a perfect pregame routine. First, a good routine should provide your players with a safe and fun time on the field. So, you need to inspect the playground for any items that could cause injuries. That includes broken glass, loose rocks, and sprinkler heads, among other things. 

soccer team play discussion

The other thing you need to do on your pregame routine is checking if kids have brought proper equipment for the session. The equipment should be safe for the kid and other players. Then have the players warm up with drills that cover all muscle groups used in soccer. Involving a large number of skills to help prepare kids for the game. In your pregame routine, make sure that players are well hydrated before the game starts. 

Teach Basic Soccer Skills 

With the players having the right mindset after the pre-talk and physically ready after pregame routines, start coaching basic skills. Some of the best skills include dribbling and running with the ball at the feet. Coach your players how to dribble without looking down and using both feet. This is a crucial skill that every soccer player must-have. Changing direction with the ball is another skill that players should develop at a young age. 

Developing kids’ soccer skills should be easy and fun. What you need is to ensure that as a coach, you have followed the right steps that observe player’s safety. Make the coaching session fun to keep the kids captivated. With this beginners’ coaching soccer cheat sheet, you have the best coaching tips.