Do the Jets Have the White Stuff?

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After the recent sacking of Coach Gary van Egmond, Football Central understands that current Guam National team head coach and technical director, Gary White is among a list of potential candidates for the role currently held by interim-coach Clayton Zane.

White’s was one of 16 English coaches hand-picked to take the first-ever FA Elite Coaches’ award and has since changed the fortunes of Guam moving them from 193 to 161 in the FIFA World Rankings with only a small playing pool to choose from.

The Englishman’s work has been highly regarded by some of the most experienced coaches in Asia.

“You’re not going to believe this, out of all the countries (In Asia) I’ve traveled to that little tiny island is doing one of the better jobs in the AFC at organising their youth development and technical department,” Tom Byer said.

Byer spoke highly of the potential of the young coach.

“I’ve watched him coach, he’s among the most progressive young Coaches in the world,” he said.

“There’s no doubt in my mind he will become a top Premier League coach one day, and quite possibly the coach of England.”

Tom Byer has told Football Central White’s been targeted in recent times by Australian and Japanese clubs.

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