FFA name Teams of the Decades to celebrate 50th

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Football Federation Australia (FFA) today acknowledged the heroes of yesterday by naming its Teams of the Decade in conjunction with the 50thAnniversary of FIFA Membership at a Hall of Fame function in Melbourne.

From Johnny Warren through to Mark Schwarzer, Julie Dolan to Sarah Walsh, Australia’s greatest footballers and coaches covering 19 FIFA World Cup campaigns, 8 FIFA World Cup Finals appearances, 8 Olympic Games and countless milestone moments were acknowledged in eight Teams of the Decade:

Men’s 1963–1970

Men’s 1971–1980

Men’s 1981–1989

Men’s 1990–19

Men’s 2000–2013

Women’s 1979–1989

Women’s 1990–1999

Women’s 2000–2013

“Football’s influence on Australian Society is undergoing significant growth in social, economic and political terms but today we embrace and celebrate our proud history and honour the pioneers who went before us,” said Football Federation Australia Chief Executive Officer David Gallop.

“We are proud of our multicultural foundations and the footballers selected in the Team’s of the Decade represent these foundations of not only football but Australian Society. Forget about a dividing line between “old” and “new” – it’s all one football history and one football story.

“Put simply, football is the face of Australia in all its diversity. No other sport can match football’s universal appeal and accessibility and as the Asian Century unfolds, this undeniable truth will only become more entrenched.”

“We must continue to drive football into the future but at all times remember our past and today we salute the men and women who have been selected in the Teams of the Decade.”


Team of the decade | Men’s 1963 – 1970FIFA World Cup campaigns in 1965 & 1969
Formation *3-4-3
Coach Joe Vlasits
1 Ron Corry (GK)
2 George Keith (D)
3 Alan Marnock (D)
4 Stan Ackerley (D)
5 Pat Hughes (MF)
6 Bill Votjek (MF)
7 John Watkiss (MF)
8 Les Scheinflug (MF)
9 Tom McColl (F)
10 John Warren (F) CAPTAIN
11 Alan Westwater (F)


Team of the decade | Men’s 1971 – 1980FIFA World Cup campaigns in 1973 & 1977; FIFA World Cup Finals 1974
Formation *4-4-2
Coach Rale Rasic
1 Jack Reilly (GK)
2 Doug Utjesenovic (D)
3 Manfred Schaefer (D)
4 Peter Wilson (D) CAPTAIN
5 Col Curran (D)
6 Jimmy Mackay (MF)
7 Jimmy Rooney (MF)
8 Ray Richards (MF)
9 Ray Baartz (MF)
10 Adrian Alston (F)
11 Atti Abonyi (F)


Team of the decade | Men’s 1981 – 1989FIFA World Cup campaigns in 1981, 1985 and 1989; Bicentennial Gold Cup 1988; Olympic Games 1988
Formation *4-4-2
Coach Frank Arok
1 Terry Greedy (GK)
2 Alan Davidson (D)
3 Tony Henderson (D)
4 Charlie Yankos (D)
5 Graham Jennings (D)
6 Joe Watson (MF)
7 Murray Barnes (MF)
8 Oscar Crino (MF)
9 Zarko Odzakov (MF)
10 John Kosmina (F) CAPTAIN
11 Eddie Krncevic (F)


Team of the decade | Men’s 1990 – 1999FIFA World Cup campaigns in 1993 & 1997; Confederations Cup 1997; Olympic Games 1992 & 1996
Formation *4-3-3
Coach Eddie Thomson
1 Mark Bosnich (GK)
2 Mehmet Durakovic (D)

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