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A year’s a long time, especially in football. A lot has happened in the past year – the World Cup, new national team coach and so much more.

Football Central’s growth over the last 12 months has exceeded the expectation of many on our team, and we cannot stress the gratitude to our contributors, readership and loyal supporters who’ve been with us since day dot.

We began as three passionate football people feeling there wasn’t enough football media out there for the Australian football family that offered a different approach, and through that we strived to create an online community who valued our contribution to the landscape. Whether that be audibly or through the written word, during the last 12 months we’ve hoped to “bring that little bit extra” as co-founder Jason Ganter would say on our Football Central Extra podcast.

We’ve had some great highlights in the past year; a gruelling 24 hour period covering the William Gallas to Perth Glory story, introducing a number of players to the Australian public and competing with media organisations with budgets that dwarf our own.

The journey is still very much continuing with plans to profile ten of the most influential football clubs in Australian football history in the works, and other projects in their infancy.

We pride ourselves to be creative and adventurous in our pursuits, and although there will be pitfalls along the way our commitment to our loyal readership will continue.

Tracey Lee Holmes, ABC journalist:

Football Central’s contribution in the last year has stood out for being passionate, informed, and a genuine voice for football lovers by football lovers. It is real. It is engaging. It is inclusive. Top stuff.”

Pedro Martin, avid reader and podcast listener:

Well, I like your honest approach to football. No favouritism or bias to players or clubs, or levels. If it’s good it should be identified on Australia. I like that you demand that we strive for the best & not accept anything less. While most media outlets were highlighting our World Cup achievements as battlers, FCAU picked apart the faults & mistakes. Because we should & can do better. You guys treat football, and Australian football with the respect it needs really. We aren’t a sport that should be hiding from the headlines nor accept mediocracy.”

Neil Sherwin, editor of

Football Central has been a great addition to the football media landscape in Australia with great coverage of the game both domestically and overseas. The team are knowledgeable and hard working in equal measure, and it’s been a pleasure to be involved with the podcast.”

Ian Kerr, editor of Thin White Line:

In its first year of operation Football Central has shown that it can break news stories and cover the A-League from a new perspective. It’s a website that punches above its weight.”

 Jason Brewer, CEO of Perth Glory FC: 

“A great source of local and international football news with a good Australian slant. Broad and diverse range of writers. Good source of impartial news. Also one of the few “fans eye views” of the game available across the A-league.”

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