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Hello Dario thanks for your time. You made the move to Svebølle in Denmark in January. What have your experiences been like so far?

Yes, I made my move to Svebølle BI in January after a successful trial. My experiences have been great. Since I joined the club I have started to enjoy football again after a bad spell in Germany. The coach here loves to play passing technical football and so do I, so it works out well. The best experience I’ve had with the team so far has to be traveling to Turkey for our training camp. It was great spending time with the boys and the staff getting to know everyone personally. We worked hard and played against some of the best teams from Belarus. It’s always great to test yourself against teams like that, as one of the teams has played in the UEFA Europa League. It was a massive highlight.

How is the team spirit regarding the situation in the league as you are in danger of being relegated?
The team’s spirit is strong, we have a lot of confidence in ourselves and believe we have the quality to stay up in the 2. division. Of course it’s not an easy situation to be in, but I’m sure of the quality of the players and coach we have we will overcome this situation and stay in the Danish 2. division.

What are the differences in comparison to your time at Rot-Weiss Hadamar? Are you able to play in your favourite position there?
My time at Rot-Weiss Hadamar was not the best for me personally. At Hadamar they played a lot of long balls and relied on their physicality. At Svebølle we have a very technical team, we aspire to play a passing and technical football style, and that’s why I fit in, because that’s the kind of player I am.
Yes, I’m playing my favourite position here as a number 8 box to box midfielder, or sometimes as an attacking midfielder. I feel very confident playing here as I have top quality players around me at Svebølle BI.

What do you think went wrong during your time in Germany? Was it just that you were not able to play in the desired position?
I think you always come across different managers who have their own style of football. What happened at Rot-Weiss Hadamar was that I came across a coach who loved the long ball game and unfortunately I couldn’t adapt to that kind of football as I am a technical player rather than a physical player.

As I heard you are close to some of your relatives now. Did that also help to improve the situation?
Yes, you’ve heard right, I have family here in Denmark. It definitely makes things much easier, as when I am with them I feel right at home like I never left my home in Sydney. That keeps me from getting homesick which helps me mentally. Where in Germany I got really homesick and it had some effect on my game. But it feels great being here.

How about the language? Do you speak some Danish yet?
The Danish language is hard, I have been trying to study and I’ve picked up a bit but not enough to have a conversation just yet. Also some of the players are always trying to teach me new words. But what I love about Denmark is the fact that most people actually speak English very well, some speak better than me.

There are still 12 matches left. Where do you think will Svebølle be at the end of the season?
Yes, we have 12 matches left which means there are 36 points to collect. If we want to survive and stay in the 2. Division we have to aim high even if it means we aim for all 36 points. We have the quality, we have a great team lead by a great coach, so I don’t see why not. We need to turn up to every game as if it’s a final, we have to come into every match with that kind of mentality in order for us to survive.

Within the next two weeks there are four matches against teams that are quite close to you on the ladder. Looks like an important time ahead, especially as the following two matches are against the two top teams then?
Yes, the next four matches are vital for us, it’s extremely important for us to take away all 12 points to escape from the relegation zone. The boys and I are up for the task, especially after our away win against B 1908, our confidence has built up and we feel great. We have the home advantage in the next game, the fans always give you that adrenalin to push extra, so that should give us the upper hand against Avarta.

Your team has scored the second fewest goals of all the teams. Any idea where this comes from?
In all honesty I am not sure what the issue is, we create a lot of chances up front, but we just can’t seem to take them, and that usually costs us the game, but we scored 3 in our last game but also conceded 2 goals. We have to stick to our game plan and stay focused throughout the 90 minutes of the game and be more clinical in front of goal.

If your European adventure comes to an end some time, would you love to play in Australia again?
Playing in Europe for the past two years has helped me gain a lot of experience and changed my game completely and also changed me personally. My desire to play in the A-League? I’ve always wanted to play in the A-League. It would be a dream to play in front of my family and friends, but until the right opportunity comes, I will stay in Europe.

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