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He hasn’t kicked a ball for the Wanderers, made a save, heck he hasn’t even played a minute. But goalkeeper Jerrad Tyson is every part the player when it comes to, what makes the Wanderers unique.

Tyson has an unusual footballing journey that has brought him to Australia’s home of football. Tyson grew up in Hobart, Australia’s second oldest city, famous for it’s convict heritage, cascade beers and Ricky Pointing.

Alan Mtashar (AM) – How was life growing up?
Jerrard Tyson (JT) – Life was good growing up, I was very active, and both my parents love being outdoors, so I was outdoors a lot. I played everything growing up, soccer, AFL, t-ball.

(AM) – who influenced you the most growing up?
(JT) – My parents, they have a positive life style, they like to be healthy and they have passed that on to me.

(AM) – When did football become important to you?
(JT) – football was always important in my life, I have been playing it since I was 6 years old. I always had a dream to be a professional football player.

(AM) – It’s almost 3 years to the day, since your A-League debut, how was it?
(JT) – I remember it very clearly; it was a Wednesday night, one of those mid-week games. It was pouring down, and the coach (Miron Blieberg) wanted to give the youth a chance. We lost 2-1 to North Queensland Fury, a game we were expected to win.

(AM) – What is your favorite thing about training?
(JT) – I love going to training everyday to be the best that I can be,
the Gold Coast set up wasn’t professional at all, so coming from that to the amazing sessions set up by Ron Corry (Wanderers goalkeeping coach), is something that excites me about training.

(AM) – Who is the biggest pest in the team? And why?
(JT) – Hersi loves a practical joke, but my choice would have to be Labi (Labinot Haliti). His banter is horrible, once a joke gets a laugh he uses it for the next two weeks. At the moment his thing is hashtags, he keeps saying to me, “are you gonna hashtag that”.

(AM) – Best thing about playing for the Wanderers?
(JT) – It’s more than a football club. I work my best everyday for the fans, and the community.

(AM) – Favorite food and why?
(JT) – On my birthday every year I have to eat lasagne and chicken nuggets.

(AM) – What do you do in your spare time?
(JT) – Charity work, writing, and cooking. Currently I’m writing a book on nutrition and positivity, I love cooking and being creative in the kitchen.

(AM) – How do you keep motivated?
(JT) – It’s hard when you’re not playing, but coming to the Wanderers was the right thing. I went from playing 15 games in the A-League for Gold Coast United, to 5 youth games for the Wanderers. But my motivation is waking up everyday and working on becoming a better keeper, being ready to play at anytime.

(AM) – Most embarrassing moment on the field?
(JT) – My A-League debut against North Queensland Fury, I had just pulled off a great save, but then David Williams (now at Melbourne Heart) took a shot, I put my hand up to tip it over the bar, but then thought it was going over and at the last second took my hand away, and the ball went in.

(AM) – Favorite superhero?
(JT) – I’m a massive Batman fan; he uses his brain and gadgets and not superpowers. When I was a kid I added Bat in front of everything, e.g. ”Bat bike, bat cave”. I was that obsessed with Batman that when I was in year 1, my parents bought me a Batman suit. I loved it so much I wore it everywhere, even to school under my uniform. At recess and lunch I would put the mask on and pretend to be Batman, this started causing problems at school, as I wouldn’t share it with the other kids. The school eventually banned me from wearing the Batman suit, the teachers had to check me everyday to see if I had it on under my school uniform.

(AM) – Best advise you have ever been given?
(JT) – “Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard”. I was never the best or most gifted player, so I always had to do extra.

(AM) – The scariest thing you have done and why?
(JT) – I have never had any problems with the physical stuff, skydiving, bungee jumping, any of that stuff. But putting my emotions on the line scares me, for example asking someone on a date, and having to wait for the answer.

(AM) – Favorite athlete?
(JT) – Mark Schwarzer, he is someone I look up to both, on and off the field. He does a lot of charity work, has time for all the fans, and looks after himself, as he is in great shape. He is a great person and the complete package.

Alan Mtashar

Alan is a football writer and analyst of the beautiful game. His analysis and views of the game have been utilised on radio as recently as the Youth World Cup. A White Ribbon Australia Ambassador and still manages to kick a ball around when possible.

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