Remembrance Day Forgotten?

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At 11am yesterday many around Australia paused and stood in silence to remember those who have sacrificed their lives to defend this country. While in Australia and New Zealand, Remembrance Day is shadowed somewhat by ANZAC Day, it is still just as important in the history of both nations.

With both the AFL and NRL commemorating ANZAC Day, it’s begs the question, should the A-League commemorate Remembrance Day?

Adelaide United were the only club to make mention of Remembrance Day during round five, so why couldn’t other clubs do the same? It is a perfect opportunity for Football Federation Australia to create a special round that is unique to the code.

There doesn’t have to be a game between the same clubs every year like we see on ANZAC Day in the other football codes, however a simple ceremony before each fixture would be more than enough to signify the day.

During the past weekend in the English Premier League, each team had a printed red poppy on their jerseys, and a minutes silence was held before kick off. The A-League could do exactly the same. While the date is much more poignant in the UK, it is still just as significant this side of the equator.

Active or former members of the defence force could lead teams on to the field or present the match ball to the referee in charge. At the very least they could be presented to the crowd to be thanked for their service. A certain amount of tickets could be allocated for service men and women. These ideas are only some of many that could be used during this round.

The A-League aims to promote a ‘family friendly’ atmosphere, with young children making up a decent-sized portion of the crowd for most games. Commemorating Remembrance Day allows those children to understand the importance of the day, ensuring it’s significance for generations to come.

The opportunity is there, hopefully next season the FFA take it.

Matthew Berry

Matthew Berry is Football Central's Central Coast Mariners correspondent.

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