Troisi looking forward to the test of Asia

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Victory forward James Troisi is confident his side has the depth to get through a massive three months ahead, with Melbourne Victory’s Asian Champions League right in the middle of the business end of the A-League season.

Having rebounded from two 5-0 losses, Victory is back on track with Troisi’s goals having a hand in doing so.

“It’s always good to get on the scoresheet, and most importantly the team is playing well and creating a lot of chances.”

“For me, every time I step on the pitch, I try do my best. I think as a team we went through a hard patch and we’ve shaken that off and as a whole are playing well. If you’re not creating opportunities then it’s a problem, but we are. ”

When pressed on Asia and the presence of Marcelo Lippi’s Guangzhou Evergrande, Troisi replied:

“I think its fantastic for me and for the club. It’s another six games guaranteed and it’s going to be a tough schedule. But we got a good group here, and even the ones that aren’t playing regularly are doing really well.”

“Yeah, they just signed Diamanti as well. It’s going to be tough, the whole group is tough. But I’m looking forward to that and testing ourselves against the best teams in Asia.”

“Everyone is stepping up at training and you can feel that it’s a big bonus getting to the Champions League. It’s not going to be easy, but we’ve got the backroom staff that knows what it’s doing to make sure we do the right things to be fit for the games.”

Victory is taking the ACL as an opportunity rather than a hindrance.

“It’s good for Australia and the A-League to show what we can do. We’re not used to that (the midweek games) but the Tuesday sessions have been hard. We’ve slowly conditioned ourselves for that. There are going to be niggles here and there, but that’s football.”

With World Cup spots on the line, the ACL presents another opportunity for Victory’s on-loan attacker.

“One of the main reasons I came here is to get back in to the Socceroos, that’s obviously in the back of my mind. First and foremost for me it’s keep doing well week in, week out, keep putting the ball back in the net and see what happens”.

Attention then turned to Adelaide, who have crept into third spot and are slowly recognising what their best looks like.

“It’s fantastic for them, they were under the pump at the start of the season. They’ve been doing really well, it’s going to be a tough game for us. For me, it’s just going to be another Saturday game. We’ve just gotta be careful to not get caught and not concede easy goals.”

Pablo Conteras did train away from the squad today, instead put through his paces with a member of the club’s fitness staff. Troisi revealed it wasn’t a big issue.

“He’s got a bit of a knock, I think it’s just a bit of bone bruising. So I’m sure they’ll look after him.”

Attention then turned to the competition for spots, and Gui Finkler’s role, whether he will make the final ACL squad.

“That’s not up to me. Every single boy wants to get out there and play. Obviously he’s a good player and he’s done really well. I’m sure whoever steps on the pitch will do their best. It’s up to the coach who he picks.”

“Yeah (I’m happy in either position), I just wanna play. We’ve got to mix and match a bit, we’ve got a few players in those attacking positions. For me, it’s either or. I’ve scored playing wide and playing as a 10.”

Troisi paid tribute to the Northern Terrace, recognising the role they play despite the ongoing issues with the club.

“It changes a lot, I remember the derby and it was a fantastic atmosphere. I think the first game I experienced them supporting us. So they’re a big high for us, the fans make the game as well. The more support we get the better.”

Katie Lambeski

Katie is Football Central's Melbourne Victory correspondent. She describes herself as a mad football fan who also likes to write about it. Follow Katie on twitter @katielambeski

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