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Lisa de Vanna admits that coming to Melbourne wasn’t an easy decision.

Officially unveiled at the club’s season launch on Wednesday, the new Melbourne Victory signing comes to the club with a reputation of being one of the best strikers in the W-League, never failing to entertain with her class, skill and feisty antics. De Vanna tells Football Central why her decision was difficult.

“To be honest, it wasn’t…(an easy decision). Obviously being a Perth girl and having a good relationship with my teammates back home, it wasn’t an easy one,” de Vanna said.

The squad that has been assembled by new head coach Dave Edmondson is one that has an even spread of youth, international talent and experience, de Vanna does seem to fix extremely well in this mix. The opportunity to develop her skill as a leader and a player while working with the squad seemed too big an opportunity for de Vanna to pass up.

“The reason why I decided to come was more the opportunities I can have here to grow as a player. [This Victory squad] Being such a young squad and having players like Steph Catley and that around, I wanted to develop as a player, and learn how to develop the skills of communicating and becoming more team-orientated a little bit, so that was the main reason to come here. With my sister living here, it just made it easier as well,” she said.

Edmondson made it clear in his press conference what de Vanna could bring from an attacking and entertainment point of view. But de Vanna is pretty clear and understanding about what she will bring to this Victory squad. She said: “I think I bring experience. As you might know, I’m a very feisty player and wanna do things a certain way. I still have that sort of expectation on myself that I’m trying to put in to the team thing. ”

The fresh challenges for de Vanna also gave the no.10 something to strive at, ones that might be very hard to adapt to.

“And that’s hard for me, because they don’t come from that culture (like the one I did) and it is hard to sort of bring that in. And all that comes in while trying to develop that skill to do that. I’m hoping with my experience and my ability I can teach the young kids about being more professional,” she said.

Her professionalism hasn’t gone unnoticed by her coach in Edmondson, who recalled her coming down to train with the National Training Centre squad.

Looking relaxed and resplendent in her new colours, it is hard to see Lisa De Vanna being anything other than a boon at the Victory. Despite being no stranger to controversy in the past, she is now 28 years old and with plenty of experience at international and local level. She will be entering the prime of her career and a fascinating season for her awaits in the blue of Melbourne Victory.

Katie Lambeski

Katie is Football Central's Melbourne Victory correspondent. She describes herself as a mad football fan who also likes to write about it. Follow Katie on twitter @katielambeski

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