What Happened To YouTube Sensation Rhain Davis

When the name Rhain Davis, most of the people will likely remember the YouTube teen sensation kid that took the world of football by storm due to his incredible football skills. After his family uploaded a YouTube video showcasing his soccer skills, the video got more than five million views. This was not a small achievement since YouTube was still growing in 2007. 

But things would get even better for the lad when his grandfather sent a DVD of his highlight videos to Sir Alex Ferguson, who was the manager of the mighty Manchester United FC. The club would eventually sign the boy in 2007 for their youth academy. This means his family had to move from Australia and settle to Cheshire to support their boy’s talent. During his signing, most people believed that Davis was destined to be the next Rooney or Cristiano Ronaldo. 

While most people that had been following Davis were happy for his signing with the Red Devils, others were concerned about the pressure and the huge expectation on the 9 years old. But that was 2007. So, what happened to the Brisbane-born midfielder now that he is 22 years old? Since 2007, there is a lot of happening behind the scene that most people didn’t get to know. 

After moving to England and starting training with the Man United youth academy, Davis talent grew exponentially. In fact, he is now a full-time footballer. But his transition from the club’s youth academy to the senior did not come to fruition. But what did he had to say? While speaking to Football Central some years back, he said that he does not regret coming to England to follow his football dream. 

During the interview, he insisted that the positives outweigh the negatives. He also cited that his family support was crucial for his talent development. To Davis, moving to England was a new adventure for him and his mother Leah and father Mark, as well as the rest of the family. 

On the issue of pressure, he confirmed that he felt pressure, but that was the gasoline that kept him going. “Knowing I had to perform is how I enjoyed it,” he said. However, he insisted that he had no regrets for the journey he has taken. To him, he wouldn’t have done it differently. 

For those who don’t know, Davis spent seven years at the Manchester United Youth academy before being released in 2013. This is after suffering a broken leg. With the attention from the outside dying, he was able to concentrate on his training. However, the severe injury would make the end of his dream to play for the red devil’s senior side. 

According to Davis, breaking his leg and getting released from the Red Devils academy after seven years was his lowest point. “Breaking my leg is the reason why I was let go,” he said during the interview with Football Central. However, he was categorical that he was not going to use that as an excuse. 

Today, he plays for the first team at the National League side Altringham FC. He signed with the team in 2015 and has been one of the key players as a midfielder. For almost 6 years since he joined the club, has improved tremendously to become one of the pivotal members of the senior team. 

Talking about his move from Manchester United to Altrincham, he said it was pretty simple. “The staff and players welcomed me,” said Davis. He also mentioned that being the youngest player, they took extra care of him during the early days. He got along with everyone at the club and worked hard to improve his skills. 

His short-term goal during the interview a few years ago was to make a name for himself with the Altrincham team. From then on, we can say that he did achieve that target. When asked about his long-term goals, he said he wanted to live a healthy life from soccer to support his parents and the larger family. 

Davis left Australia at the age of nine, and he has not spent much time looking back to his country of birth. But during the interview, he said that he feels strongly connected to Australia. “Of course, I feel connected. That’s where I was born,” said Davies. 

rhain davis

He does not only see Australia as the past of his soccer career but also his future. He said that he would like to one day come back and play in Australia. 

Rhain Davis has been doing great at Moss Lane midfield helping the team remain one of the most competitive in the National League. As of June 2020, Altringham was in the list of top five teams in the National League. At the age of 22, Davis still has time to fulfil his huge potential. He has a bright career ahead and could even make back to the prestigious English Premier League.