The Most Popular Sports For Boys In Australia

Australia is one of the best examples of sporting countries. The country is best known for its vast range of sporting disciplines, which its citizens can get engaged in from a young age. The government has also played a huge role in developing facilities and supporting all sports. From soccer, rugby to football, everyone has a chance to participate in the sport of their choice. 

But which are the most popular sports in Australia? Well, there are many options that you can pick for your little boy. In fact, you will be spoilt for choice. In this guide, we have put together some of the popular sports for buys in Australia. 

1. Australian Rules Football (AFL) 

Aussie Rules Football is one of the popular sports in this country. Over the years, AFL has evolved to provide one of the most competitive leagues in Australia. In terms of game crowds and TV viewership, the AFL has been doing very, thanks to its growing fan base. It is, therefore, one of the sports that promises good career boys that turns professional. 

2. Rugby 

The National Rugby League is probably one of the most exciting sporting events in Australia. The huge crowds and massive TV viewership are some of the indicators of this sport’s popularity. The NRL is also considered to be one of the best in the world. However, it is one of the physically and mentally demanding sports. Therefore, rigorous training is needed to succeed in rugby.  

3. Cricket 

Cricket is not only one of the most popular sports in Australia but one that makes Australia stand out on the world map. It is one of the sports that young boys can engage in and make a successful career. With cricket, it is very easy to make a name on the international stage because Australia is one of the best competitors at the global stage. It’s a great summer sport for boys. 

4. Tennis 

person holding lawn tennis racket

The popularity of the tennis sport in Australia can be seen from the mega-events such Australian Open held every year. This is one of the events that bring the best tennis players from every corner of the world to Australia. There are state-of-the-art facilities and support systems for aspiring tennis players. It’s, therefore, an ideal sport for boys in Australia. 

5. Soccer 

Soccer or football is another sport that is very popular with boys in Australia. The sport commands a massive fan base in the country and TV viewership. Soccer is one of the big sports in the country that guarantees a career for boys who excel in it. There are many academies near you where you can take your kid for soccer training. 

6. Swimming 

Swimming is not only a popular sport in Australia but also one of the most liked activities in summers. It is one of the sports that everyone Aussie can engage in for fun. As a sport, swimming in Australia is so popular that almost every kid knows how to swim. Your boy can easily transition to professional at an early age and start to compete in national and international events 

7. Basketball 

Basketball is another popular sport for boys in Australia. The National Basketball League massive crowd and TV viewership are an indication of how popular this sport is in the country. The league has also produced some of the best players who are also participating in America’s NBA. Therefore, your boy will have a successful career if they turn professional basketball players. Basketball is one of the promising sports for boys. 

8. Hockey 

The success of Australia’s hockey team in international competitions is one of the reasons why the sport has become popular amongst boys in Australia. The sport is very popular in schools where kids have the opportunity to learn basic skills as part of the curriculum. The good news is that boys of all ages can engage in hockey. However, it requires great fitness as well as good hand-eye coordination to succeed. 

9. Martial Art 

Boys practicing karate

Martial art is another sport that has gained a considerable fan base in Australia. Sports such as karate are not only good for competition but also for kid’s physical and mental fitness. The sport also teaches self-defence, discipline, and self-confidence. So, it is more than just a game for boys who it takes up. There are many martial arts camps across the country where your boy can enrol. 

10. Cycling 

Cycling is another sport popular for boys in Australia. The sport is estimated to attract more than 2million participants in Australia. What you need is just a bike and a team to train with. The good thing about cycling is that boys of all ages can participate in various social sports. 

Ever wondered how much does the Australian government spend on sport?Well these top 10 sports for boys in Australia say it all. The full support of the government so to speak encourage everyone to love them.