Why Professional Athletes Should Be Drinking Filtered Water

For athletes, the one thing you must avoid is getting dehydrated. You need to drink a lot of water. But the quality of the drinking water is a crucial factor. For professional athletes, health experts recommend drinking filtered water. But why filtered water? These are the main reasons health experts for drinking filtered water:  

professional basketball player drinking filtered water

  To Retain Physical Strength  

For professional athletes, the most crucial thing is maintaining physical strength. You must keep muscles strong and in good condition during practise or competition. One of the best ways to keep a healthy muscle function is drinking the right amount of water.   

Filtered water has a better taste and smell compared to other varieties. That’s what makes it easy to drink larger quality than typical bottled water. So where do you get it? In Australia, fridge water filters can be a convenient way of keeping hydrated. Purchase your refrigerator water filters at discountfridgefilters.com.au, and you will be impressed by the quality of drinking water.  

 To Maintain Healthy Cells   

Athletes expose their body to extreme weather conditions. A good example is a track runner. They run non-stop for many kilometres, which is not normal for the human body. So, their body cells are put in an abnormal environment where they have to work harder to keep up with the demand. Drinking water helps to maintain healthy body cells.  

man drinking in a gym drinking filtered water

With proper hydration, the health and the integrity of body cells are maintained. The cells can function properly even under demanding conditions when hydrated. So, with filtered water, you will drink more water for healthy cells.  

To Aid Circulation  

Blood circulation and hydration go hand in hand. When you are practising or competing, you need efficient circulation. Note that the highest percentage of blood is water. So, if you are not well hydrated, you will experience poor circulation.   

Blood supplies nutrients to the cells, including oxygen. It also removes waste such as carbon dioxide from the cells. If you get dehydrated, the volume of the blood will reduce, and this means less oxygen to the muscles. By drinking filtered water, you will drink a lot more water for better circulation.  

Remove Metabolism By-Products  

When an athlete is practising or competing, their metabolism rate is very high. That means a lot of energy is getting burnt. Similarly, the level of metabolism by-products is also very high. Some of these by-products are harsh chemicals that are harmful to the body. So, they should be removed.  

athlete resting while drinking filtered water

The best ways to eliminate these chemicals is by drinking more water. When well hydrated, the body circulation increases. So, the waste from the cells is removed fast and efficiently. This also includes toxins building up in the body.  

To Regulate Body Temperature  

Immediately an athlete starts practising or competing, their body temperatures increases. With rising heart rate and the rapid burning of the energy, a lot of heat is produced. Sometimes the core body temperature can reach over 40°C, which is not safe. But the body has a natural way of regulating temperature.  

The body controls its temperature through sweating. That’s why we sweat when exposed to high-temperature conditions or demanding physical activities. When the sweat evaporates, it draws heat from the body to cool it. That’s how temperature is regulated. So, an athlete should be well hydrated for proper temperature regulation.   

To Regulate Blood Pressure  

For a professional athlete, blood pressure is one of the serious health complications. For example, track runners need faster circulation for the supply of nutrients. If not careful, you can have a heart problem, as it tries to work harder.  

When well-hydrated, your body protects the heart from working harder. That’s how normal blood pressure is maintained. With filtered water, you can drink more water to maintain healthy blood pressure.   

tennis player drinking filtered water

To Lubricate and Cushion Joints  

For athletes, the health of the joints is one of the crucial things to consider. Whether a runner or any other sport, you need to keep your joint well lubricated. But we know that lubricating fluid is more water. So, hydration levels have a direct impact on joint cushioning.  

If you get dehydrated, you will start having problems with the joints. May be painful joints due to insufficient cushioning or even get tired very fast. With filter water, you will be able to drink a lot more water to keep the joints well lubricated. Note that the more you drink, the healthier the joints become.  

To Moisturise the Skin  

The other reason for professional athletes drinking filtered water is skin moisturisation. Most sports take place in an open field. With the sun and windy condition, the skin is exposed to very harsh conditions. It becomes dry and rough.  

By drinking filtered water, you will increase the amount of fluid released on the skin. This includes sweat and natural oil. The natural oil plus the water released when sweating is what keeps the skin moisturised. Note that it’s when you get adequately hydrated that the skin tissue can produce more natural oil.   

woman drinking after training

Help Digest and Absorb Nutrients  

Before practising or competing, you need to eat high-energy food to keep you going. In most cases, carbs are recommended because they are rich in energy. But the body must digest the food fast to provide the needed nutrients.  

For the digestion and absorption of nutrients to be effective, the body should be hydrated. So, an athlete should drink the recommended amount of water. With filtered water, you will be able to drink the right quantity of water. That’s how your body will be able to absorb nutrients.  

Maximise Performance  

Whether training or competing, an athlete should always hit the highest performance. With the body being more than 60% water, you need to keep hydrated to reach peak performance. So, your body performance is hugely dependent upon the amount of water you drink.  

woman drinking filtered water at home

For proper hydration, filtered water has proven to be the best option. The sweat taste and smell make it easy to drink in large quantity. So, to deliver the best performance, athletes should consider drinking filtered water.  

In conclusion, these are some of the reasons why professional athletes should drink filtered water. The bottom line is that athletes are likely to drink more filtered water than the typical bottled water. That’s how they get well hydrated to maintain a healthy body during practice and competition.